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Academic Discount
This discount applies to XRD analysis only.  We offer a substantial discount off of our list prices for students and faculty members. Volume discounts do not apply. All we ask for is acknowledgment in all publications you produce that use the data we provide. Contact us for details.

A partial list of studies that have used our data:
Origin and Characterization of Eagle Ford Pore Networks in the South Texas Upper Cretaceous Shelf
Lithofacies, Depositional Systems, and Depositional Model of the Mississippian Barnett Formation in the Southern Fort Worth Basin
The Role of Soil Mineralogical Characteristics in Sustainable Soil Fertility Management: A Case Study of Some Tropical Alfisols in Nigeria
Kinetics of the Opal-A to Opal-CT Phase Transition in Low- and High-TOC Siliceous Shale Source Rocks
Patterns In The Use Of The Rockshelters Of Eagle Nest Canyon, Langtry, Texas
U-Pb Geochronology of the Late Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale, Texas; Defining Chronostratigraphic Boundaries and Volcanic Ash Source
The Permian Minnekahta Limestone: A Saline Lake Replaced by Calcite
Pennsylvanian Pewamo Formation and Haybridge strata of central Michigan: The youngest rocks of the Michigan Basin?
Insights from the Metagenome of an Acid Salt Lake: The role of Biology in an Extreme Depositional Environment
A Fluid Inclusion record of magmatic/hydrothermal pulses in acid Salar Ignorado gypsum, northern Chile
Experimental Investigation of Imbibition in Oil-Wet Carbonates Under Low IFT Conditions
Thermally Induced Wettability Change During SAGD For Oil Sand Extraction
Clay Components in Soil Dictate Environmental Stability and Bioavailability of Cervid Prions in Mice
Estimating Prion Adsorption Capacity of Soil by BioAssay of Subtracted Infectivity from Complex Solutions (BASICS)
Changes in Elastic Wave Velocity and Rock Microstructure Due to Basalt-CO2-Water Reactions
Elastic Laboratory measurements and modeling of saturated basalts
Modeling Of CO2-Water-Rock Interactions In A Mississippian Sandstone Reservoir Of Kentucky
CO2 Storage and Ehnanced Oil Recovery: Sugar Creek Oil Field Test Sire, Hopkins County, Kentucky
Soil Geomorphology Of The Eastern Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research Site
Rapid Mud Accumulation on the Central Texas Shelf Linked to Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise
Mineralogical changes in Green River Formation oil shales following pyrolysis
An Integrated Approach to Address Endemic Fluorosis in Jharkhand, India
Proposal for a Unified Theory for Chinese Drywall Off-Gassing
Holocene Mud Accumulation On The Central Texas Shelf Linked To Climate Change And Sea-Level Rise
The Texas mud blanket: Understanding fine-grained sediment flux in the NW Gulf of Mexico during the previous transgression
Analyses of a chalcedony vein horizon near the Brule-Chadron contact, Chamberlain Pass, Badlands National Park, South Dakota
CO2 Sequestration in basalt: laboratory measurements
Investigation Into The Attenuation Of Metals In Gcls Intended For Mine Waste Containment
A Middle Pleistocene Lacustrine Delta in the Kern River Depositional System: Structural Control, Regional Stratigraphic Context, and Impact on Groundwater Quality
Metal Contamination In Critical Watershed In The Highlands Drainage Basin: Geochemistry And Degradation Of Soil, Sediment And Water Quality
Characteristics and Pedogenesis of Soils Developed over Talc at Odo-ogbe, Koge State, Nigeria
USGS Core Library Number A542 Well Name: 32-11 CLIFFORD HALLER
Hydraulic Conductivity of Two Geosynthetic Clay Liners Permeated with and Alumina Residue Leachate
Bristol Bay-Alaska Peninsula Region, Overview Of 2004-2007 Geologic Research
Corrosion of Depleted Uranium in an Arid Environment: Soil-Geomorphology, SEM/EDS, XRD, and Electron Microprobe Analyses
Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in microchannels – development of catalysts for the low temperature regime and kinetic study
Shale units of the Horn River Formation, Horn River Basin and Cordova Embayment, Northeastern British Columbia
Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling
Temperature-Compensating Calibration Procedure for Water Content Reflectometers
Sunrise Mountain Landfill Soil Crust Sampling and Analysis Report
Frequency Dependent Elastic And Anelastic Properties Of Clastic Rocks
Sedimentology, Petrology, and Volcanology of the Lower Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE1a), Shatsky Rise, North-Central Pacific Ocean
Reservoir Quality of Tertiary Sandstones from Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula: Preliminary Report
Thermal Emission Spectroscopy of Sulfates: Possible Hydrous Iron-Sulfate in the Soil at the Mer-A Gusev Crater Landing Site
Acoustic Properties of Shale with Variant Water Activity
Spectroscopic evidence for hydrous iron sulfate in the Martian soil
Oil Deposits in Diatomites: A New Challenge for Subterranean Mechanics
The Relationship Between Geology and Landslide Hazards of Atchison, Kansas, and Vicinity

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