24th Year of Operation, 1994–2018

Bulk (Whole-rock) Only XRD Analysis

Bulk (whole rock) analysis by XRD involves quantitative determination of rock-forming minerals and total clay minerals. A final data table includes calculation of weight percent mineralogy.

Bulk only analysis is usually used with carbonate rocks or other rocks that have low clay content or when the clay mineralogy is unimportant.

A bulk analysis can be done by itself but it is usually combined with a clay analysis to completely characterize a sample. A Bulk and Clay (<4 micron) XRD Analysis involves semi-quantitative (weight percent) determination of all rock-forming and clay/phyllosilicate minerals. A final data table includes weight percent mineralogy. Also included is determination of mixed-layer clay types, ordering, and percent expandable interlayers (if any).

Bulk minerals routinely analysed for are:


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